100wc week 24#


A boy has just fallen off the Effie Tower. The situation was so serious that 1 news was there!!! “I`m trying to hold on” he shouted as he let go. His name is Godfrey, he is 16 years old. He snapped one of his hair strands!!!! He is crying his eyes out. “It`s a long road to recovery” the doctor says. 

As he walks away rubbing his hair, 5 cents falls out of his pocket, he is really not having a good day today the T.V producer says. “Oh well more money for me”, the T.V producer says with a chuckle. 

The hunt.

Next week on Wednesday, my horse riding instructor, Leanne is going to take me to a training hunt!!!

Hunts involve horses and hounds not guns. In hunts there is a huntsman on a horse, which the participants follow, and the huntsman follows the hounds (dogs), which chase the hares. When the huntsman follows the hounds, he leads the participants, over spars (which are small sheep fences). Beside the spar is a gate, which you can go through if you don`t want to jump the spar.

Since the hunt I am going to is a training hunt, there will be no hounds that chase the hares.

100 word challenge

Once upon a time there was a horse and her favourite food was bananas. One day she saw a pic of someone else eating bananas. That person was the world record holder for eating the most bananas: the record is 55,000,000.

That pic made the horse feel sad since she knew she loved bananas more, so she decided to try to eat more bananas, and she called her friend over to help. She got to 54,000,000, bananas. “We took no notice of the sign that the person who holds the banana eating record had eaten 88,000,000 bananas” said her friend once they relised.

My Favourite Childhood Memory.

My favourite childhood memory would be, when we go up to my Nan and Grandad’s house in the amazing Hakataramea Cattle Creek.

I always love going up there since Grandad would always take us on his farm on his motorbike, it is always very thrilling sitting on the front of his motorbike.It is always very fun helping to shift his animals and doing random jobs on the farm to earn a bit of pocket money. I also love my Nan’sfood it is so yummy: she is a really good cook.Seeing all Nan's garden with all her fairy lights and colorful flowers is really cool too.

Since Nan and Grandad live in the mountains, it really cold in Winter and really Hot in Summer. I like it better when it is cold since I can`t stand the hot: so I love when we have to bundle up in warm clothes, before we go outside.

One day when we were stay with our Nan and Grandad’s, their neighbors came over and had a little PIG. They had just been hunting and shot his Mum, and they said ” there where at least 7 little piglets but they could only catch 1. They gave the little pig (which was later named Boris) to us, because they didn`t think the Mum would want to have a pig.

It is such a cool place up in the Hakataramea. I hope to own my Nan and Grandad’s farm one day. By Neve


Hi there,

My name is Neve I`m 11 years old and I live in the wonderful Otekaieke, in New Zealand, on a sheep, beef and dairy farm, we also of horses (11). My favourite time of year (on our farm) is shearing time where we shear all of our sheep and me and Mum get to help muster the sheep down off the hills on our horses.

One of my favourite things to do is horse with my Mum or horse riding instructor. I have been learning how jump I can jump up to 80cm. I also love to help Dad on the farm by helping to shift Dad`s animals.

I LOVE horses and I love to ride my horse bareback (without a saddle), I hate sausage rolls and milo but I love caramel milkshakes.

I have 2 horses named Hanna and Billy, 7 dogs, 1 pig (soon to be 3), 2 cats, 6 chickens, and lots of cows and sheep. I have a younger brother, a younger sister, and Mum and Dad.

One day I hope to go to France to see the Effie tower and to Italy to eat some pizza. I also hope to be famous hope show jumper and do lots of hunting. My biggest dream is to take over my Grandad`s farm in the Hakataramea, he farms merino sheep and beef. By Neve