100 word challenge

Once upon a time there was a horse and her favourite food was bananas. One day she saw a pic of someone else eating bananas. That person was the world record holder for eating the most bananas: the record is 55,000,000.

That pic made the horse feel sad since she knew she loved bananas more, so she decided to try to eat more bananas, and she called her friend over to help. She got to 54,000,000, bananas. “We took no notice of the sign that the person who holds the banana eating record had eaten 88,000,000 bananas” said her friend once they relised.

3 thoughts on “100 word challenge

Hi Neve, Wow, 55 million bananas! Are there even that many in the world I wonder. Thank you for a creative and excellent piece for this prompt. I hope the horse didn’t get unwell eating all of those Bananas. I like the structure and simplicity of this story, well done.

Thank you so much for your comment.I wonder how you would find out how many bananas in the world. Don`t worry I don`t think the horse would get sick from eating all those bananas.

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